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About me

This is not who I am or what I do, this is where I come from and a glimps of my path here.

Yearly Christmas eve hike 2020

I was born in the early nineties in a small village (<1000 people) in the forests of Dalsland, Sweden. I grew up as a middle child with two brothers, our parents both worked as teachers back then. Being out in nature was like a second home to us, hiking, swimming and fishing in the lakes, mushroom picking in the fall and cross country skiing in the winter. Life was simple and adventurous.

In high school, I spent my time learning about the aerospace industry combined with classic science. After graduating I spent a couple of years manufacturing jet engines, both stationary and flying. It was quite interesting but I urged for a deeper understanding of engineering so on to university!

Following in my parents' footsteps (becoming a teacher) I found yet another combined education program at the royal institute of technology in Stockholm. This eventually gave me a master's degree in computer science and a high school teaching license for math and technology. I loved my time at the university. And sometimes I wish to go back, even though I had the chance later in life (I turned down a PhD position in human-computer interaction and I still wonder if I made the right choice sometimes).

I'm getting ahead of myself, sorry. Back to uni-time. This is where I learned to program! Since my first lines of Python I have not had a break for more than a week tops. I code very often, and I have immense fun while doing so. It is just such an amazingly creative tool to wield.

So I started building, web applications, embedded systems, and IOT stuff. I built my own 3d printer and later converted it to a laser engraver that I wrote some software for, that utilized the same code (GCODE) the machines at the aerospace factory used, to engrave things on all sorts of materials. I was in a frenzy, building smart beds, watering systems, mechanical keyboards, but also some non-tech things. Like my kitchen table, my bed frame, some lamps, fishing lures, plant stands, leather wallets, crochet blankets, and some other stuff... To sum up, I like to create things!

Want my assistance with something?

Right now I work as a consultant and that is mainly how I put my digital skills to use 👨‍💻. I also do some work for different open source projects in my spare time. If you would want to work on something together or just have a friendly lunch with me send an email 📧 to jonas.johansson@mpyadigital.com. (Sorry for not linking my mail but there are just too many spambots 🤖 out there sniffing for mailto:-links)