Welcome to the lab! This is a place where anything can happen. Sorry, I'm just messing with you. However, this is where I experiment so things I put here can be fully functional or severely infested with bugs. Most of what you will find here, like 99% of it, is made by myself, as a single developer. I tried to illustrate my workflow in the graphics you see here 😅 Imagine those steps just repeating over and over.

Splash - Make up for beautiful web code

Splash is my own VS Code theme. Super fun to build and I learned a lot. I still use it and patch it. It is highly optimized for JS, CSS, and HTML though, if you want to try other languages I leave no guarantees it looks sane.

Hang Santa

I and my friend Johan built a hang mans game in svelte on a remote hackathon. It was a chill day, 6h of coding, laughing, and just enjoying trying something new (for me, Johan already knew Svelte quite well). A good thing to point out is that the game is in Swedish!

My websocket robot - Milow

This takes me back! 2017 when I was in uni I made my first hardware/embedded systems project. A small robot car that I could control via WebSockets with an ESP8266 microchip and a classic Arduino Uno board.